From the preface of the Macfadden book:
John D. Rockefeller, the richest man in the world, advertised nearly thirty years ago and offered a million dollars for a new stomach. I never heard of any one accepting this offer, but a short time after that reports were frequently circulated of his interest in outdoor life, golf, etc., and now, at his greatly advanced age, it is reported that he lives exclusively on milk; that he is maintaining his life at present great age because of this simple diet.

German dietician Prof. Bauer
as cited in the Macfadden book:
It is an indisputable fact that in certain diseases a methodical use of milk gives results such as can be accomplished by no other form of treatment.

Another Macfadden report:
A Dr. Taylor of Croydon, England, over two hundred years ago, cured himself of epilepsy in two years with the milk diet, and lived on milk exclusively for seventeen years thereafter.

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